Parade Entry Application

Please be sure to

Before Filling out the Application Form

Saturday, June 27th 2020
Kickoff is at 11:00 AM Sharp!

Starting with 2020 you can submit your parade application using our online form below, or the older PDF form method.  We encourage you to use the form below as it will allow us to process your application faster and there is no need to print and scan the entire document.

If you prefer to use the printable PDF form you can download it here.

Please make sure you complete all required fields denoted by a red *, the form will not allow you to submit it if any of those fields are blank.

You will need to download our Parade Entry Liability Release and Hold Harmless Agreement, print it out, sign it and return it to us.  We have provided an upload button at the bottom of the form so you can send it along with your parade application.

Please be sure to read through all the information tabs before completing your application!

Please fill out the Length, Width, and Height fields as accurately as possible and if need be add a couple of feet just to be safe.

We use this to make sure we get you in the best location for the size of your entry.

In order for the Parade announcer to give your entry the best possible publicity it is important that you fill out the Description field with as much detail as possible, while also keeping it short.  Descriptions that take longer than 30 seconds to read will be shortened.
Our Parade announcer can and will skip over any content that 

*Tip: Think about what you want said about your entry. Is it a business, a club, a group, special event, etc.

If we do not receive a statement with your application your entry will be announced by name only!

All performances in front of the Center Stage are limited to 2 minutes. Please make sure all routines are able to move along the parade route as to not backup other entries.

If you would like music played over the main speakers during your Center Stage performance please provide an MP3, CD, or Media Player before the start of the parade. 

If using a media player please make sure the audio is queued to the proper position. 

Please provide written instructions on the start and stop times of the media you will be using for your performance when handing it in.

Online Parade Entry Application