Archived. Why can't I think for myself anymore? When we used to learn at school, a question was an adventure and we tried to piece together bits of information to form an answer, often not fully completing the puzzle. Pt 1. I am codependent, working through it now, I read that book and it completely changed my life.

Why do I doubt all my decisions and end up regretting everything I do? Original thought, it is all but extinct. Posted by 4 years ago. They deliver to us televised entertainment and information. Feels like my life is falling apart. Why I Can't Think For myself Sat, 09/06/2014 - 04:30-- swardxi646. As a high school senior, certain things are expected out of me. Why can’t I think for myself?


After three years of ****, and a broken finger, and broken everything, and drama and police involvement over hostage situations, I don't want to exist in chaos.

May 22, 2018 Michael Weiner. It is not a given to everyone. Posted November 15, 2016 November 15, 2016 admin.

I already wasted 3 years doing something I dislike and I know I’ll […] Serious.

You may not have the wit that some people possess, that facility of fast answers and replies. I just guess everyone's said for so long it's abuse, but I was hearing voices and so i didn't listen. I regretted all my academic choices and now I’ve made the same mistake again. The only reason why it does sound like that because parts of you and your relationship sound alot like me and mine. This question needs better clarification as the process you have described is generalized thinking.

Rich beyond their wildest dreams, living life in a lavish style. Now Google does it for us, scanning the web to pull an answer together in a matter of seconds. I got a restraining order against my boyfriend today.

In the upper echelon of the “Social Pyramid of Power” , there are the celebrities. That is life. 3.

I don’t have it either. Why Can’t You Think For Yourself. Why I’m I like this? Close. I need to present myself as formal and educated.

Feels like my life is falling apart.

Why Anxious Minds Can’t Think Right Related Articles This article has been updated from the original version, which was originally published here on September 25, 2010. When someone asks me a question about what I am passionate about, I lie to them. If I look at the way you write, you are definitely NOT slow.

I never learn.

( I'm back in relative world but the pains gone for now but i want the pain).