During a job interview, you're likely to be asked to elaborate on the specific skills you would bring to the position. It’s an open invitation to talk about your skills , your accomplishments and to show how you match the employer’s values and requirements .

Remember, some of them might not be as competent as you are and thus they wouldn’t take arrogance lightly. "I have many unique qualities; however, one stand out quality is my linguistic skills. Think about what strengths are needed for the job and let them know how your skills and experience make you the best fit over all those other scrubs. One approach is to include a couple attributes often desired by employers.

Recall a problem, the skills used in your action to deal with it, and the successful results; this is a skills-detailed version of PAR (problem, action, result)..

The best place to begin your research is to look at the job description and the company’s website. If you’re caught out, you can easily end up drawing a blank or pushing too hard on the one strength you can bring to mind. For the best answer, identify a specific type of communication skill that would fit the job. In fact, you might end up intimidating them. Prepare well, however, and this question can be used to your advantage. This is a common interview question that you will be expected to answer well. Explain how you could apply those same skills to the prospective job. I'm confident that I would bring many unique qualities to your company and provide many opportunities for improvement. I speak English, Spanish, and Italian - meaning, I can relate to, and negotiate with, a huge client population. Sample Answer.

How to prepare your answer to ‘What can you bring to the role?’ Research is key: Start your preparation well in advance.

This question sets you up perfectly to show off your relevant skills, experience and how they will help you in the role in question. What is the toughest job problem you’ve ever faced? This skill will help me to succeed in my territory greatly." Therefore, it would be wise to mention what’s necessary and leave the rest of the thorough details in your resume. Communication skills, for instance, are something needed in just about any position.

Even as you talk about your skills, you don’t have to rub them in the faces of the interviewing committee. If you are asked to explain how you would be a valuable asset, you might answer in a way similar to this: Unlike most people in similar positions, I thrive on going above and beyond. When getting ready to talk about what sets you apart from everyone else, remember to keep your answer relevant to the position you’re interviewing for. Here are some ways to respond to these and other skills-related questions.

This is a great opportunity to outline everything from your unique skill set, knowledge and experience, to practical and non-tangible skills you learned as a working parent, such as organization, multitasking and time management. These answers tell the employer exactly what you can do in the position. It is also your chance to explain what you can offer that other applicants can’t.