PURPOSE . Related policies. When you think of the useful things students could learn during the times wasted by focusing on uniforms, it really does seem ridiculous. The BHCS Uniform policy has been developed in collaboration with the BHCS School Council. Having a strict uniform policy also requires strict enforcement. Schools also work with the State Schools' Relief to support students in need as well as supporting their fundraising activities. Parents Victoria believes schools would be better served to retain an affordable uniform and spare parents this unnecessary expense, allowing parents to put the money towards other educational necessities, or even family necessities. The Victoria Student Dress Code states that all dress codes must meet human rights and anti-discrimination requirements. Official gym uniforms are required for grades 5th - 8th ; Tennis shoes are required for P.E. When a school has a strict uniform policy, the endless petty issues about what a student is wearing can damage student/teacher relations; something that is especially important in the older years. School Uniform Policy. The School believes that a set dress code promotes a shared sense of identity and pride, allowing students to feel equal while enhancing the profile of the School … Please see below for current policy. At present, in Victoria, it is up to each school to decide on its uniform policy. The policies within this section are: Developing and Reviewing Dress Codes; Dress Code Exemptions; Dress Code Legislation Home » Our School » Policies » School Uniform Policy » More in this Section . requirements relating to uniform supply arrangements. Victoria’s public schools will be forced to allow their female students to wear shorts or pants instead of dresses and skirts, following changes from the state government. haircut, accessories, etc.)

Not wearing a Mass day uniform on a Mass day may result in an Out of Uniform Infraction (see below). Student Dress Code Thanks to the work of Girls’ Uniform Agenda’s VIC representative Simone Cariss, the VIC Department of Education and Training has changed its Student Dress Code policy. School Uniform Policy . In This Section. Ulverston Victoria High School.

The School Staff reserves the right to judge whether any item or fashion fad (i.e.

is incompatible with the uniform policy. School Uniform Policy.