Data were analyzed using SPSS software. Academic Achievement of Students Kulwinder Singh Research Scholar, Singhania University, Rajasthan, India One of the most important factors that lead one to their goals is the drive. Christenson, S. L., Rounds, T., &Gorney, D.(1992). Academic achievement attains by motivation. II. Research Method 2.1. Senior secondary school students’ academic achievement motivation does not significantly influence their attitude towards examination malpractice in Uyo metropolis. positive correlations between CAIMI scores and such measures as academic achievement, children’s perceptions of their own academic competence, and teachers’ judgments of students’ intrinsic motivation (Gottfried, 1986). Learning Questionnaire (MSLQ; Pintrich, Smith, Garcia, & McKeachie, 1991). A study of the relationship between academic achievement motivation and home environment among standard eight pupils J. M. Muola Egerton University, P.O. In the study of the correlation of test, analysis of variance, regression analysis step by step were used. motivation questionnaire (valrand et al., 1992) was a researcher and academic self-confidence. A pilot study served to determine if high and low achieving students differed in their levels of achievement motivation for the course, and to indicate whether it was reasonable to expect to find strategy differences between them (Langley, 2002). Uyo is the capital city of Akwa Ibom State. Accepted 19 April, 2010 The objective of this study was to investigate the relationship between academic achievement motivation and home … Tel: 0721 228 621, 065 32361. Students’ Motivation and Achievement Ahmad Mojavezi Deparment of English, Islamic Azad University, Zahedan Branch, Zahedan, Iran Email: Marzieh Poodineh Tamiz Deparment of English, Islamic Azad University, Zahedan Branch, Zahedan, Iran Email: Abstract—The study of self-efficacy and its impact on human performance … There is great need of motivation for students, ... “Predicting students academic achievement after the transition to first grade: A two year longitudinal study.” Journal of applied developmental psychology 32: 47-57. E-mail: BOX 1100, Nyahururu, Kenya. Stanford Achievement Test. This drive is known as motivation. The model for interpersonal teacher behavior, mapping the various teachers' interpersonal behaviors, has been applied for research in many countries. In order to measure the students' perceptions regarding the interaction with their teachers, Area of Study The study was conducted in Uyo metropolis. characterizing Chinese students’ motivation and achievement, and (b) to investigate how Confucian-heritage culture (CHC) may combine with achievement goals or SAL to generate different learning processes and outcomes and to promote optimal motivation.