Advertising Composition Inc (ACI) Paul Rand was an eminent twentieth century American graphic designer and art director. Photo by Simpson Kalisher. Even after his death in 1996, Paul Rand remains one of the most famous graphic designers in the world. Paul Rand was singlehandedly responsible for bringing in class, elegance and panache in the corporate logos. One of the greatest graphic designers ever to be born, he changed the industry completely with his simplistic yet innovative designing and modernism. Image: IBM . Biography and Timeline; ... American Broadcasting Company (ABC) Accent Software International. Rand was educated at the Pratt Institute (1929–1932), and the Art Students League (1933–1934). Devoted to the life and work of American graphic designer Paul Rand. He was an avid practitioner of Swiss Style of graphic designing in American advertising industry. Paul Rand.
Official site of graphic designer Paul Rand. He was the pioneer of iconic corporate logo designs for major firms, including IBM, ABC, Morningstar, Inc., NeXT Computer, Yale University and Enron.

Life. Born in Brooklyn in 1914 and educated at New York's two great art schools, Pratt and Parsons, Paul Rand was a monolith of US corporate design whose body of work – which included identities for the likes of IBM, abc and Steve Job's NeXT – is as fresh now as it was when first produced in … Paul Rand. Graphic designer Paul Rand once wrote, “Good design adds value of some kind, gives mean… Paul Rand’s popular Eye-Bee-M poster, a type of word puzzle known as a rebus that uses pictures to represent letters, was created in 1981 in support of IBM’s motto, THINK. 02. Life Modernist Master 1914 – 1996.

Find the latest shows, biography, and artworks for sale by Paul Rand. Life Work Writing. 1914-1996. Born Peretz Rosenbaum on August 15th, 1914, he’s most reknowned for his corporate logos.