McMurphy, a new patient, uses the ward to escape from society and its rules. *The characters were forced back and forth during One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest. Indeed, Ratched also emasculates the men on the ward, forcing them to feel like misbehaving little boys, to reveal each others' secrets and to scare them from ever challenging her authority. Nurse Ratched is the head of the ward and uses manipulation in order to control each of the patients. McMurphy on the other hand is a new transfer and a shrewd conman. Nurse Ratched, and her matriarchy run the ward filled with mental patients. Large, with huge breasts only partially disguised by her ultra-stretched white uniform, she nevertheless has a pretty, delicate face that belies her cruelty. Nurse Ratched Power. Either they themselves are being manipulated, or what Ratched and McMurphy do to manipulate each other affect them. New York: Signet, 1962. Print. Nurse Ratched is known for being the boss of the ward.

How does manipulation affect the other characters? Although men gain power through sex, according to McMurphy’s view of the world, women lose their power through sex. What she says is what is followed and everyone is afraid of her. Nurse Ratched A sexless, rigid caricature of a nurse, Nurse Ratched imposes discipline on her ward with all the fervour of an Army Nurse, which she had been. Nurse Ratched: Villain of the Ward In the novel, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, by Ken Kesey, the patients of the ward deal with the biggest obstacle in the novel: Nurse Ratched. 3 pages, 1443 words. Women are a great part of society; women sometimes overpower men by their sexuality to gain power and control, which lead to constant battles for dominance. She has a tendency to manipulate the patients and she uses that to her advantage to control everyone. *Manipulation affects all of the other characters in the book. Works Cited Kesey, Ken. But she hides her gender from the world by obscuring her large breasts as much as possible behind the sterility of a starched white nurse's uniform. Nurse Ratched was known as the “big nurse” and was a former Army nurse who wasn’t treated great. It became her life to get revenge because of how she was treated and is referred to as a rat and readers are reminded that the rats in the Middle Ages carried the Black Plague. Filed Under: Essays Tagged With: power. This leads to the assumption that both nurse Ratched and McMurphy are not acting completely in the patients interest and each of them are committing these actions to first and foremost, benefit themselves. He is a very easy-going and funny person, but when he realizes what exactly Nurse Ratched is doing to the patients, he makes it his mission to assist them in becoming more sane and independent. Power is thus intimately connected with gender in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. By denying a man sex, a female can symbolically castrate him; by having sex with a woman, a man can weaken her.