Back in April 2015, we posted about the New MCAT scoring and the numbers according to the AAMC . The scoring on the new MCAT is dumb. The new MCAT exam has been viewed favorably for encompassing domains of working knowledge, such as social determinants of human health and quantitative methods, that are increasingly important for physicians-in-training and future leaders and innovators in medicine. So a 125 in any section would essentially be a 7, which to my mind should be equivalent to a 7 or 8 on the current MCAT. Here's MCAT Scoring 101. New Mcat Scoring New Mcat Scoring By 2020-04-29 What is a Good MCAT Score? MCAT scoring information will no doubt have you lying awake at night, worried that you may have missed something. The overall median from the old MCAT (a 25) translates almost exactly to Sometimes, you can get so worried about your score, that it prohibits you from doing your absolute best on the exam itself. For example, CCOM average MCAT is around a 29/30. It's as if AAMC was trying to make it as hard as possible to do the math in our heads. The new MCAT has a total of 4 separately scored exam sections.

So a 500 would equate more to a 21-24ish. How will this translate to the average MCAT scores that schools put out now? Now that the scores are out we’ve updated our conversion charts for you. You also receive an overall score. New MCAT Overview and Scores. Just like the old testing system, there’s still a range of 15 points per section. Shocker: the scores translate pretty well. Let's not go there, shall we? Section scores are graded on a scale of 118 – 132 with a mean score of 125. Scoring on the new MCAT is based on so many unknowns that if you took it in 2015-16 you were either hopelessly doomed, or you're one lucky dog! Though they didn't include fractions or imaginary numbers, they chose some arbitrary numbers. So I hear the 2015 MCAT will be scored out of 60, opposed to 45, because of the added sections.