To elaborate the program further, presentations could be made to explain the inputs, process and outputs/benefits of job evaluation. One of the advantages of this method is that it allows mitigating the importance given to job titles and promotions. Creating job evaluation committee: It is not possible for a single person to evaluate all the key jobs in an organization. It is the most comprehensive and accurate method of job evaluation.

Thomas E. Hitten was the first to originate factor comparison method of job evaluation. Being the systematic method, workers of the organization favor this method. Typically the compensable factors include the major categories of: Skill ; Responsibilities ; Effort ; Working Conditions. Job Ranking. The “point method” job evaluation approach provides the framework for a quantification of each job’s relative importance for the company (internal job value); this quantification will then provide the basis for the calculation of a theoretical salary range. These factors can then be further defined. About This Quiz & Worksheet.

Prejudice and human judgement are minimized. The method can not be manipulated. Jobs can be easily placed in distinct categories. Job Evaluation: Point Method A set of compensable factors are identified as determining the worth of jobs. As originally developed this method involves ranking of jobs in respect of certain factors and usually involves the assigning of money wages to the job depending upon the ranking. Job evaluation is the process of analysing and appraising the content of jobs, set in the family of other jobs, so as to put them in a suitably evolved rank order which can then be utilised for installation of an acceptable wage structure in an organisation. Carrying out a job evaluation exercise can also provide protection against equal pay claims when the right sort of scheme is used, and make it easier for organisations to carry out an equal pay audit.

The Factor Comparison Method - This method is a combination of the ranking and point system. Perhaps the easiest method that Beth can use for job evaluation is the job ranking method. The scales developed in this method can be used for long time. 4. Choosing evaluation methods this chapter is designed to help organizations choose methods appropriate to their evalua-tion objectives, type of intervention promoted, available resources and levels of knowledge and expertise.

Job evaluation methods can help employers decide on compensation for a position, and this quiz/worksheet will help test your understanding of them and identify examples. A job evaluation exercise will provide transparency around how your organisation values jobs and relates them to the market, which in turn will enable you to demonstrate fairness in pay.