History can at times seem very difficult to obtain the highest marks. Loading. Maths tutors Physics tutors Chemistry tutors Biology tutors English tutors A-Level tutors GCSE tutors IB tutors. But there are things you can do over the course of your A-Level and during revision to ensure you meet the levels the exam boards set out. Don't frantically cram for an exam.

A-level History, Historical enquiry (AQA) How to structure a GCSE History exam answer? GCSE. Revise continually. There is no denying that its tough. Sign up. I did AQA history for A level, and I managed to get an A*. That way, when you come to the exam period, you already know most of it and it's just brushing up on final details.

The key to success is to follow all the points you listed; constant preparation before and after each lesson is crucial. The point and the explain are the simple parts, the evidence is about learning dates and facts. Hi there, to get an A* at GCSE history I stuck the the PEE (point, evidence, explain) system religiously.

You’d be better off choosing A-Levels that are related to history/include a lot of writing, especially if that’s the type of subject you’re wanting to do at university. Article. Difference between long term and short term causes How to get an A* in A Level History?

Answers. Personally to memorise facts I used mnemonics. A-level History is quite a focused A-Level, and can be good for a few career choices, but not many. History. Revise the stuff you're learning as you learn it. Go home from school and make flash cards and posters and so on. How to get a grade 9 in history gcse History 8 mark question structure? How do you aim for an A* in History A-Level? This section of the site will help you to focus on the key requirements of A/A* grades. Don't leave it a few weeks before an exam. How to write good university history essay? Unlike subjects like Maths and the Sciences there are no definite answers. How to get an A* in History GCSE. For schools Become a tutor Login. Also, if edexcel is anything like AQA, the prescribed textbook will usually follow a format that can really help you when answering questions.