Blessed with a highly resonant voice, wide range, and near-perfect elocution, Fitzgerald also possessed a deft sense of swing, and with her brilliant scat technique, could hold her own against any of her instrumental contemporaries. Ella Jane Fitzgerald was born in Newport News, Virginia on April 25, 1917 to William Fitzgerald and Temperance “Tempie” Henry. But the iconic songstress’s foray into the music industry was almost accidental, as … Ella Jane Fitzgerald, The First Lady of Song, became an internationally celebrated cultural force who has been called the greatest female singer in history.ELLA chronicles the ultimate rags-to-riches embodiment of the American dream, whose personal life was one of the best-kept secrets in show business until now. I used to wish I was pretty. Recognized worldwide as "The First Lady of Song," Ella Fitzgerald is arguably the finest female jazz vocalist of all time. Ella Fitzgerald was born in Virginia in 1917. Married Ella Fitzgerald marries Ben Kornegay. Ella Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald’s parents (who weren’t married at the time of her birth) split up shortly after she was born. She had an awful, awful childhood… She was beaten, battered, abused and left on her own. Meet Ella Fitzgerald, one of the most influential jazz singers of all time! Pioneering jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald—who was born on April 25, 1917—helped revolutionize the genre. Ella Fitzgerald Was Born On April 25th 1917 some people call he the first lady of song.Some call her lad Ella. Even though her actual name is not mentioned, this is basically a summary, slightly exaggerated to make … Jun 8, 1941. This is the story of Ella Fitzgerald's childhood. Ella becomes lead singer for Chick Web and his Orchestra. Touring Ella toures Europe to perform and record live. Jun 8, 1960. Sometimes people will say something you don't like, and you get angry a bit, but you just smile. “Ella was discovered by God,” he said. her favorite sports team was the Los Angela's Dodgers and Lakers. Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong - Ella and Louis (1956) - [Classic Vocal Jazz Music] - Duration: 53:13. Ella Fitzgeralds early years were hard years as she came from a black family, that had many children it was a tough life for many blacks those years. I used to be very self-conscious. “There’s no better way to put that. 53:13.

You might like: Actividades Semestre 2021-1. Ella lived with her mother until she died when Ella was 15, and Ella's aunt took her in. My cousin Georgia always taught me that if you smile, people will like you. Classic Mood Experience 8,377,316 views.