Although outsourced proofreading and editing services may offer very attractive rates, never—and I mean never—use an online proofreading service that doesn’t guarantee every single one of its proofreaders is a native English speaker. 2-hour editing (100 to 1,500 words) $0.046 per word .

Bottom Line.

Here is the list of our services and the current pricing.

When setting freelance editing rates, don't forget to include those services.

My rates are determined by first understanding what level of editing or proofreading is needed for your writing, and finally, the total word count tells me the size of your project. My editing services and rates. _____ NOVELS *3 page sample edit provided upon request *Editing in Word w/ Track Changes or Google Docs w/ … Take Quality Editing Services Rates Work From Us And Pay What You Think Is Appropriate For A Cheap Essay Service!. Editing and proofreading rates vary depending upon the level of editing needed and the size of the project. You can charge a premium if you have value you can add. Just like anything else, it can be tough to set your freelance editing rates.

Our Prices.

Let us imagine this scenario. Depending on content, genre, font, font size, and the service(s) required, it takes approximately 1 hour to edit 4 pages of a 1.15 spaced, Calibri, font size 11, slightly technical or academic document with no citations. Rate: $35 per hour** (As a guide, we will proofread approximately 4000 words per hour) *minimum charge is $35 per document **student discount 10% In addition to the proofreading service …


4-hour editing (100 to 2,500 words) $0.044 per word . More Your document will be checked for spelling, grammar, punctuation and consistency, ensuring your communication is correct, professional and polished. You are given an assignment by your professor that you have to submit by tomorrow morning; but, you already have commitments with your friends for a party tonight and you can back out.


If you’re looking for encouraging, professional advice on your manuscript, then please read through the services I’ve listed below and choose the one most suitable for you. Editing rates are charged per hour, as that is the most accurate representation of the labour required, and they are in line with Editors Canada guidelines. As a community of editors who love publishing, we want to make sure we offer the best possible prices for our work.

SERVICES/RATES. The good news, though, is that you can find resources to help you get a feel for market rates. I provide editing services for writers of romance and commercial women’s fiction.

Affordable Editing And Proofreading Rates. Note: For regular editing services (1-day editing and longer), documents are returned by 11:59pm (Eastern time) on the due date.

Prices. For example, a document submitted for 1-day editing services on Friday will be returned by 11:59pm on Saturday (Eastern time).

(Please note that my editing is done using Track Changes in Word.