The Bathtub Animation: Learn why ending the growth in emissions is not enough to confront climate change with a handy visual aid. Weather & Climate. What is happening to the oceans? CAMEL Climate Change Education - Games A small collection (9 items as of November 2014) of role-playing, board, card, and computer games about climate change and energy use topics.. Weather . Each player has to develop his region of the World, but the players also have to take care that the Earth is not heated up too much by CO2 emissions.

Role-playing Games: 1. Rivers. What is the big deal with carbon? take the challenge: climate change Scientists have been documenting clear signs of a warming planet: the highest amounts of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere, the highest global surface and sea surface temperatures on record, extremes rain and snow amounts, and rising sea levels. Climate. Big Questions. But beware, as fossil fuel gets pumped into the atmosphere, the Earth will be battered by floods, famine, fires and the impending climate crisis will be harder and harder to ignore. Climate Games and Problem Solving Tools. Using a combination of blind-bidding, trading, investment and insurance, players manage the development of cities while jointly dealing with CO2 emissions.

People. Soon after his climate-change–game brainstorm, Lawler approached Dargan Frierson, an atmospheric scientist at UW. Each player in Climate Change the Game owns a major global energy corporation. What is the greenhouse effect?

Atmosphere. Activities. Below are some of the climate and sustainability-related games we’ve found. What else do we need to find out?
Games. How do we know the climate is changing?

Oceans. In this series of games, your students will learn about the causes and effects of climate change, and what can be done to reduce both. Creators: various; collection is part of the CAMEL (Climate Adaptation Mitigation E-Learning) climate change education web site.

Greenhouse gases. Carbon. Euro-style game of managing climate change. Water.

A Simple System Dynamics Problem: Still confused about why emissions need to be … Frierson was immediately intrigued. Many are recognizing the power of games and everyone from government agencies to NGOs to a group of teenagers is trying to launch a game to help address climate change. What does global climate change mean? … Air. “It’s a downer.” Games, Frierson thought, could make the learning more fun. Your goal is to crush your competitors by securing the biggest share of the Earth’s precious natural resources. The failure to understand the simple physical fact that is illustrated with this animation has had serious consequences for policymaking.

Videos. Let us know if you’ve found others. Whether simple or sophisticated, educational games can help inform the public about climate change, its impacts, and what can be done about it. Mystery. Global Climate Change Science Games Sign me up now!