(100) 4. Case Study: The Apprentice Boys of Derry 2. Documents for case study: The Coleraine University controversy. Apprentice boys of Derry 1. Preface page 2 . Leaving Cert Questions on Northern Ireland Case Studies What was the contribution of Terence O’Neill and/or Ian Paisley to the affairs of Northern Ireland?

Argue your case, referring to both. www.hist.ie .

Why were the activities of the Apprentice Boys a source of tension in Derry? I hope you're all well! Glossary of key terms page 8 Essay. 3. Later Modern Ireland . Topic 5, Politics and society in Northern Ireland, 1949-1993 . • Between 1688 and 1691 the War of the Three Kings occurred when the Protestant William of Orange was attempting to overthrow the Catholic King James II to take over power of Britain and Ireland. These are just some quick summary notes about the Battle of the Bogside.

From your study of culture and religion in Northern Ireland, 1949‐1993, what did you learn about one or more of the following: the Apprentice Boys of Derry; ecumenism; cultural responses to … If you have any requests feel free to tweet me @LeavingCert_ Battle of the Bogside Background: It was marching season in Derry James Chichester Clark – PM of NI There were frequent attacks on Nationalist… Essay. Here is my Sample Essay for 12 Coleraine and Apprentice Boys under 5.IRL Politics & Society in Northern Ireland for Leaving Cert History :) read more Successes of Each Delegation of the Anglo Irish Agreement - Sample Essay 2. Biographical notes page 4 . Hey guys! Useful Links and Videos DICTATORSHIP & DEMOCRACY IN EUROPE The Russian Revolution KEY PERSONALITY: Lenin Documentary KEY PERSONALITY: Stalin Documentary Article about importance of USSR in World War II Stalin and the modernisation of Russia (Video) Mussolini Documentary The Weimar Republic and the Rise of the Nazis KEY PERSONALITY: Joseph Goebbels KEY … Supporting Leaving Certificate History . Attempts at Peace in Northern Ireland.

Introduction to the case study page 3 . To what extent were the activities of the Apprentice Boys of Derry and/or the choice of Coleraine as the site of Northern Ireland’s second university divisive?

2009 1. Who was the more effective leader of Northern Ireland, Brookeborough or O’Neill? Apprentice Boys of Derry PowerPoint. Contents . Leaving Cert history: Popular topics and good choice of questions ... one question on the Apprentice Boys of Derry was a bit tricky and, ... Leaving Cert history. Coleraine University Controversy Answers. John Hume Question. Topic Study notes: NI study notes and overview.